Thank you for taking the time to review my portfolio and resume. My name is Fredrik Perman and I’m an innovator, designer, entrepreneur, and business leader, with 21 years of experience within the fields of product design and development, branding, and advertising. My real specialty is to bring concepts from idea to reality. This is where I really thrive. From the early stages of design and development, through manufacturing, social media marketing, distribution and finally to market, via e-commerce and brick & mortar retail. 

I founded The Product Farm 11 years ago, which now is known as one of the elite product design and development firms in Raleigh, NC. I've developed products for brands such as Yankee Candle, Coca-Cola, Anheuser-Busch, Novartis, and Staples. I have also launched several product lines of my own that have had viral retail success and been recognized internationally. 

I love to conceptualize, brainstorm and to create new things. Not just products, but also digital content, branding, graphics, and art. This is my passion and what I have dedicated my personal career towards. I enjoy building and maintaining technologies that increase by personal fabrication and design capabilities, such as 3D-printers, laser cutters, rotary cutters and CNC machines. When I don't upgrade my workshop, I build greenhouses, raised garden beds, ponds, and ecological systems. I'm a non-stop maker of all things and a jack of all trades.

The Product Farm Raleigh, North Carolina
9/2007 – Present
Owner/Creative Innovation Lead

Founded The Product Farm, a product design/marketing agency, specializing in new product development, promotional branded products, product photography, 2D & 3D Illustrations and Graphic Design.
Providing innovative product solutions, research and development, industrial/product design services, direct factory sourcing, engineering, fabrication, 3D printing, laser cutting, overseas production and freight.
Serviced a broad spectrum of clients in industries such as pharmaceuticals, entertainment, beverages, personal care, promotional and consumer goods. Brand experiences include Yankee Candle, Coca Cola, Sanofi Aventis, Roche, Novartis, Anheuser-Busch/Stella Artois, Staples, AstraZeneca, Lilly, Takeda, Astellas and MTV.
Marketed and launched new, unique and patented products via social media platforms such as Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Some of these products include:
As I created and launched my own line of adult drink-ware products, my business expanded to also becoming a wholesale supplier for Total Wine & More, Swoozies, Hallmark, Staples and 800 additional brick and mortar stores, both domestic and international.
Designed, launched and managed all responsibilities for operating a successful eCommerce website., including supply and inventory management, social media marketing campaigns, web-store maintenance, SEO, customer service and support, both towards the end consumer, as well as wholesale buyers.
Experienced product photographer for e-commerce, social media and advertisement purposes, using digital SLR cameras. Build several photography product studio soft box booths to improve lighting and picture quality. 
Years of videography experience, creating informative shorts for crowdfunding campaigns, instructional videos and product marketing purposes. Video editing in Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects. Video processing in Adobe Media Encoder.
Photo-realistic 3D animations and renderings for product development, marketing and instructional purposes, using Autodesk 3DS Max, Ashlar-Vellum Cobalt, SolidWorks, Maxwell Render, Splutterfish Brazil and Mental Ray. Creating texture maps for 3D renderings, using Adobe Photoshop.
Designbox – Raleigh, North Carolina
1/2017 – Present
Senior Designer

Part of innovation consultancy team working with clients around the world, turning great ideas into impactful products, brands and experiences.
Using design to create change, focusing on sustainable initiatives, social impact and global culture understanding through collaboration.
Designing products made from harvested ocean plastic, through partner company OceanWorks.
Product Invention, design, ideation and facilitation, for Hanes, Filter Easy, Undercover Colors, TORG (The Outdoor Recreation Group), Red Hat and more.
Managing accounts through swift communication with clients, bridging brands with our production capabilities and  manufacturing suppliers overseas.
Filming and editing (in Adobe After-Effects) of short videos used to promoting brands and products, sustainable initiatives and instructional direction.
Pacific Design & Manufacturing, Inc.Branchburg, New Jersey
5/2002 – 9/2007
Creative Director/VP of Operations

In charge of US operations, out of our design studio in Branchburg, NJ. Handled all client needs and relations, innovation, product development and production related matters.
Functioned as a design team leader and grew a handpicked design team designers, which in turn helped the company expand from generating $3 million to $15 million in annual sales over four years.
Developed the Triaminic/Theraflu Flowing Vapors™ device for Novartis Consumer Health, Inc©. – From initial idea, concept drawings, operations specifications, fragrance formula, consumer testing, prototyping, injection molding/tooling, production schedule, delivery and distribution internationally.
Communicated with clients and brand managers to ensure their needs, desires and specifications were met for each individual project. Ensured that every account was handled professionally and in good time.
Frequently visited Asia to oversee production and development. Gained very good knowledge of proper Asian culture, factory operations and production processes.
Developed new photo realistic 3D rendering capabilities to better represent the look of a finished product at the conceptual stage. Built a custom wall mounted 3D render farm in design studio foyer as a functional display piece to better explain the capabilities to clients as they walked in the door. (Featured as one of the most outrageous PC builds on Earth in PC World.
Trained designers on various graphic and 3D software packages, fabrication, 3D printers and overall manufacturability of products.
Conceptualized over 100 product ideas that translated into purchase orders over 5 years.
Managed approx. 300 new product during overseas production over 5 years.
Gained an overall extensive knowledge of material properties in product manufacturing, the production process and various imprinting techniques used in overseas manufacturing.
Produced illustrations, artwork, print and injection guidelines for PMS color matching proofs for production.
Adding Digital Visual Effects – Södertälje, Sweden
9/2001 – 5/2002
3D Graphics Artist

Contract designer for various advertising agencies in Stockholm Sweden as self employed.
Created 3D illustrations for printed advertising and advanced photo manipulation. Worked with agencies and clients such as EURO RSCG, PaperPak, Hälsobyrån, Salvequick and Mollerus.
Reptil AB – Stockholm, Sweden
4/2000 – 9/2001
Creative Artist

Functioned as a leader for a team of artists, handling customer relations as well as recruiting new clients and being rewarded with creative freedom throughout my projects - from initial concept to final output.
Professional experience of creating 3D and CG illustrations for clients such as Novartis, Paperpak, Top Jobs, Hemglass, Collaborate, Havet, LOWE Brindfors, Astria Tabak, Arla, RCO and Änglamark.
Experienced using 3D as an effective tool in digital image manipulations, illustrations and animations for ads, broadcasting, video production and the web.
Performed drum and flatbed scanning on high-end Heidelberg and AGFA professional scanners.
KåPe Communication AB  – ​​​​​​​Stockholm, Sweden
6/1997- 6/1999
Production Artist/3D Artist

Primarily responsible for photo retouch, pre-press, worldwide distribution and archiving of the Absolut Vodka advertisements, while serving as a production artist at the oldest and most prestigious print production company in Sweden at the time.
Worked with clients such as Volvo, Saab, Volkswagen, Ericsson and H&M for worldwide distribution.
Extensive knowledge of CMYK, RGB and LAB color processes, from scanning, color adjustments and output, also experienced with the use of ICC-profiles.

Language & Culture

Fluent in English and Swedish.
Born in Sweden and raised in Europe.
Experienced business traveler in North America and Asia.
Have (almost) lived and worked in the United States for half my life. Time flies!
Father of a first-grader son and a teenage daughter.
Plays basketball, volleyball, golf and corn-hole, when time permits. Practices Jiu-jitsu every week.
SolidWorks, Ashlar-Vellum Cobalt, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After-Effects, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe InDesign, 3DS Max, Maxwell Render, Splutterfish Brazil R/S, Intuit Quickbooks, Microsoft Office Suite, Google Drive/Slides/Spreadsheet, Teamwork Project Management, Podio Project Management, Slack, Skype,, Adobe Cloud.
Fabrication & Machining Capabilities

Full Spectrum 90W Laser Cutter & Software (wood, plastics, foam, paper, glass etching).
Afinia, Stratasys, Zcorp, Dremel, Makerbot and Gigabot 3D Printers & Software (FDM and deposited powder with liquid binder processes).
Roland CAMM-1 Rotary Cutting Machine & Software (outdoor vinyl, heat transfer vinyl, paper).
HP DesignJet Large Format Printer (banners, posters, stretched canvas).
Other Fabrication Tools: Drill Press, Jig Saw, Miter Saw, Grinding Stones, Handheld Power Tools, Table Saw, Air Powered Tools, Band Saw, Circular Saw, Routers and more.
School of Communication Arts  – ​​​​​​​Raleigh, NC, USA
1-year Education and Certificate in Computer Art & Animation
Curriculum focus on 3D art & animation, design, illustration, storyboarding and life drawing.

Tumba Graphic Arts Centre  – ​​​​​​​Stockholm, Sweden
3-year Degree in Graphic Communication
Curriculum focus on graphic design, video and radio production, photography, prepress and basic stop-motion animation.
2000 Gardner’s Guide Student Competition Demo reel nominated in this national competition for all 3D schools in the US. Garth Gardner Inc. New York. NY.
2000 School of Communication Arts Demo reel honoured as top 5 through school history 1992-2000.
1999 School of Communication Arts “Outstanding Achievement Merit Award”.
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