Vino2Go: From Product Shoot to Viral Success
The Vino2Go™ tumbler is the simplicity of style, an active wine lovers dream come true.  With the Vino2Go™ tumbler, you practically eliminate the nightmare of spilled wine.  This BPA-free, spill-proof durable drink vessel has a familiar wine glass shape, making it a convenient and easy to use product.  Whether you are at the beach, tailgate event, or other fast-paced adventure, the Vino2Go™ is your all-in-one portable drinking solution. You get your choice of ten different colors.
While working with the manufacturer of the Vino2Go™ and finalizing some finishing details before production, such as the plug mold that shapes the brand logo indention into the bottom of the tumbler, I had early access to one of the first production samples. My client asked me to take some good pictures of the product for a one-pager ad, intended to promote promotional printed products.
The below image (with green background) was the first ever picture taken of the Vino2Go™. This image is what started my 5-year exciting journey into the adult drink-ware business. This image went viral, along with the original blog post (which has been edited many times since then) and the rest of  a series of seasonal images we shared via social media sites, such as Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook. 
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