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The following portfolio presentation represents some of our most recent work as well as some all time favorites by clients and fan base. 
Folding Pen Cup with Clock 09' - This pencil cup with analog clock face is designed to ship flat and fold together. 
Hundley Seed Co. 09-10' - Client: Hundley Seed Co. New logo for an established seed cleaning company. Mainly used for the employee work apparel. 
Interactive Anatomical Display 09' - Client: Freestyle Marketing. Anatomical models on base have sound activated sensory points. Press the dots on model, and the display will relate a audio message.
DanceDance Revolution - Packaging Art 09' - Client: Freestyle Marketing. Creative photo editing project for promotional packaging ideas for Konami's DanceDance Revolution game. 
Insulated Carafe 08' - Concept rendering of insulated carafe in three different materials.
Pawfect Suds 10' - Custom soap mold design for the new Pawfect Suds dog soaps. Available locally in Raleigh NC. For more information, contact us via our website below. 
Suction Desk Set 05' - Prototype images of a designed suction cup desk set - including a calculator with stand, pencil cup and paper clip dispenser.
The Product Farm - Christmas Gift Promotion 07' - A promotional Christmas gift package consisting of a folded T-shirt in a meat foam tray. The light bulb is a metaphor used in most The Product Farm marketing material. The T was folded around cardboard stock and heat sealed into the foam meat tray along with business cards and a small brochure. Stickers were added to make it more realistic as meat packaging.
Jackhammer Promotional Products 08' - Client: Tera Enterprises. Custom designed promotional products to resemble a jackhammer used in a promotional campaign.
Pill Case with Timer 08' - Pocket friendly pill case with collapsible water cup for those with daily medication needs. Timer to remind patient once or twice daily.
Cherry - Logo designed for a band 09' - The band Cherry was in need of a logo design to represent their band. Ann Johnson, lead singer, came to The Product Farm with good direction of what she wanted - the name "Cherry" in the shape of a cherry.
Änglamark - 3D Renderings of Packaging Concepts 01' - Client: Änglamark. 3D illustrations of various packaging concepts for the Swedish food brand.
Client: Staples Promotional Products. Designed for patients with an urgent need to be reminded of their twice daily medication needs. 
Housephire 09' - Client: Housephire. Artwork created for a new and very unique real estate website called - Housephire: http:/
Client: Freestyle Marketing. Informational Display with pull out tabs. Sound clips are activated when each individual pull tab is ejected. 
Client: BGA/McCallan. Designed and produced as a promotional give away to nurses administrating blood samples.
Client: Dream Dress for Less. 3D rendering of a custom designed wax stamp used for their website. 
Client: Pacific Design & Manufacturing. This desk organizer was designed for those individuals out there who seek to tag, flag and note of every bit of interesting fact worth remembering. With four individual flag expressions, paper clips and post-it notes it will be easier to back reference why you flagged your recent GQ or biology book (?)..
Designed for patients for diabetes that need to monitor their blood glucose values daily. Connect to computer via USB where the values can be uploaded to doctor via website or email for evaluation.
Client: Collaborate/Hemglass. More 3D renderings: Hygglo (my first one), the Summer Mix promotional straw, Doglass dog ice cream. 
Client: Lexel/Havet. The agency's art director at Havet in Stockholm had a good idea of what he wanted. He gave me a good sketch to go from - a sky scraper in the shape of a head. The AD thought the sketch was to round and also requested the building head to be viewed in another angle. The final result was used as a cover page on a external usage marketing brochure. 
The assignment was to put the Scandinavian Masters logos on the golf balls in a realistic way. I got the right perspective by adding the logos to spheres in 3D MAX. The next step was to make the imprint follow the indention in the golf ball - in Photoshop.
Universal pen/pencil cup for your desk. As you push the pens into the grassy interior, the plastic grass strands will make way for pretty much any sized pens.
Logo concepts for an online content management system.
Client: Pacific Design & Manufacturing. This project was a ton of fun, and it proved to not only be very functional and convenient - it instantly sparked an interest by anyone walking though the design studio front entrance. We mounted the computer in the foyer. The server room was conveniently located on the opposite side of the wall. It was a home depot/computer parts puzzle, and a lot of fun! The fans blew all the hot air from the bottom and out the top. All 6 computers ran like a charm.
Informational Cube designed to contain 4 "pages" of information which can be viewed through the display window and changed by rotating the knob on top. 
Client: Nestle, Mars Incorporated. 
Brands: Nestle Treasures, Sweet Tarts, Nerds, Crunch, Skittles
Designed for patients for diabetes that need to monitor their blood glucose values daily. Connect to computer via USB where the values can be uploaded to doctor via website or email for evaluation.
Logo design inspired by the Semantic Web - an evolving development of the World Wide Web in which the meaning (semantics) of information and services on the web is defined, making it possible for the web to understand and satisfy the requests of people and machines to use the web content.
Client: Collaborate/Hemglass. It was hard to get the lighting and texture right when taking a photo of the ice cream. So I built it in 3D MAX. The final ice cream is used in printed Swedish advertising monthly.
Client: Staples Promotional Products/Bristol Myers Squibb. Concepts shown are hand drawn diaper bag concepts for the annual Enfamil Diaper Bag Program. The diaper bags are handed out to new moms after they give birth. They also need to be somewhat unisex so that the dads feel good about carrying them around.. ;)
Client: Tera Enterprises. I was asked to design a bracelet, earnings and cuff lings inspired by a specific molecule for a pharma promotional campaign.
Client: Freestyle Marketing. Ice bucket is designed to glow from the inside. Two layers of ABS plastic - black outer and clear inner. Designed to promote the NY based P.I.N.K Vodka.
A variety of hand drawn product concept illustrations 
Client: Collaborate/Hemglass. The original ice cream was made for The Simpsons. When this ice cream trend hit Sweden, they had to change it due to copyright issues. 
Client: BGA Pharma/McCallan. Designed to educate patients why acid reflux disease becomes an issue during the night time.
Client: Sanofi-Aventis/Tera Enterprises. This medical tray was designed and produced to hold medicine administrated to patients in hospitals. It's made of poly carbonate and withholds just about anything, even though it's only 2mm thick injection.
Designed to meet new FDA guidelines regarding secure closure and permanent disposal of sharp medical waste, such as syringes and needles. 
Client: The Product Farm/Tera Enterprises. The request was to design a tape dispenser that could also host two sets of tape flags. While most tape dispensers are bulky and weighted with sand/concrete - my idea was to make this one out of frosted acrylic or similar solid material. It could ship flat to save freight volume/cost.
7 day pill case designed and developed for patients with weekly medication needs. 
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