This project is 100% dedicated to my entrepreneurial and beloved wife Jen.
The Bar Of Soap Made Just For Dogs
A few summers back, my girlfriend Jen started making her own, all natural dog soaps to sell at one of our local farmers’ markets. To begin with, she used soap molds of paw prints that she found at an online retailer. The feedback from pet owners was really positive and her soaps began to work wonders on many dogs with irritated skin conditions.
With the success of her soaps, Jen was eager for the next steps in the development of her new dog soap brand. After finalizing the soap shape in our CAD software, we generated a 3D concept rendering.
Once the design was finalized, we had a pretty good idea of how to make a flexible and universal soap mold. We submitted our paw print shape to a 3D print supplier. Please see the final 3D printed part we used for making our silicone soap molds.
I played around with the Smooth-On OOMOO silicone rubber compound I picked for this project for a few hours and created a circular mold cavity from a 3″ rubber plumbing clamp, cut down to the proper height. After a test run and minor adjustments, I managed to create a perfect “negative” silicone mold. Once I felt comfortable with the process, I created half a dozen duplicate silicone molds.  
On a very limited budget we managed to create a professional looking, yet home-made unique bar of soap, specifically for dogs. Which can be produced freshly, on-demand.
Jen popping one of her first Pawfect Suds™ soaps out of a silicone mold.
This really shows today’s capabilities when combining quality 3D-printing technology, with a food-grade silicone rubber compound and an unique dog soap recipe. A successful natural product development.
By the way, the "Oatmeal N’ Honey" bar is unscented and great for dogs with allergies and sensitive skin. Anyone with a dog should know about all the benefits of oatmeal when being a main ingredient of many dog shampoos in the retail marketplace.
The Lavender bar gives your dog the sweet aroma of gentle Lavender with the soothing effects of Shea Butter and Vitamin E for a super soft and shiny coat.
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