HeroMe - Let Your Child Build Their Own Superhero Action Figure
Imagine a superhero toy that your kid can imagine by him or herself vs buying a toy that already has a story and is a marketing angle to sell movie tickets. - "HeroMe gives the opportunity to tap into their creativity. It helps develop their inner ‘hero’, and guides them in educational play.”, says Sarah H, a parent.
Josh Bryant came to me with this creative action figure idea while he was attending University of North Carolina - Kenan Flagner Business School. 
Together with Jason Peltz, I got started on the character designs and the multiple arm and limb options. We went through a few rounds of character developments - younger hero's vs more mature hero's.
Josh ended up receiving Kickstarter funding to make his product idea reality. (Kickstarter video embedded below).
Our first concept (above) was a younger, teenage HeroMe character... 
We also explored a more mature HeroMe, which ended up being the direction the client went with in the end (although more less muscular than these initial concepts).
Besides having multiple super-hero arm and leg assembly options, HeroMe also wanted to offer multiple faces, genders and ethnicity alternatives, so that every child can connect to their own super-hero.
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