Permobil™ Wheelchair Hack: 
Making the "Relievo" Recliner Pillow

Steve Willis was (and still is) suffering from the symptoms of multiple sclerosis - increasing paralysis of entire body over time. It's been over 15 years since Steve could walk and has been bound to spend his days in his wheelchair ever since.
Although the wheel chair have the ability to recline Steve's upper body and extend a recliner type of motion up to support the legs in a lay down position - the foot platform made this position extremely uncomfortable. As the chair elevated, the distance in between upper body and foot platform decreased. Forcing Steve to lean his Achilles on a very sharp foot platform edge. 
My goal was to turn the bottom section of the wheel chair into a comfortable and padded leather recliner, providing the support we all expect from a recliner. 
The images below show the development process of the Releivo™, from start to finish.
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